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May, 2015

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USB Cable Charger

Properties: DC 5V 500mA Length: 185mm


USB Cable

Properties: USB cable charger can be connected to PC, wall adaptor.


Digital Ohmmeter & Voltmeter

Standard Configuration: 1× Meter Device 1× Connector Parameter of Digital Ohmmeter & Voltmeter Range for tested resistance: 0.01 ohm to 9.99 ohm Range for tested voltage: 0.01 V to 9.99 V Operating voltage: 2.2V to 5.5V Working current: Less than 10 mAh with no tested object; less 30 mAh withRead More


LCD Meter

Product Introduction: The LCD meter can show you real time voltage/wattage with real vapor conditions. With traditional voltage meters, it only can show the voltage of the battery in a no-load condition, although it will not show you the drop of the voltage during real-time usage. The benefit of testingRead More


iStick leather case

The leather case is designed for iStick to reduce abrasion. All the corresponding button position is marked correctly on the leather case so one can adjust iStick easily without taking it out of case. The black leather design is also a kind of decent luxury.


iStick bending adaptor

The iStick bending adaptor is designed to save space and make the device easier to carry. With the iStick bending adaptor, unnecessary wear and tear will be substantially reduced which is better for protecting the thread. How to use: First, screw the bottom of bending adaptor to iStick with theRead More


iStick stickers

Eleaf provides five different patterns of stickers so people can paste them on their favourite iStick. They can make your iStick more diverse and personalized. What’s more, they will protect iStick from abrasion outside. Usage: 1.Make your iStick prepared and clean the surface of it 2.Pay attention to the directionRead More


iStick silicone case

ELeaf now design a new kind of silicone case, in order to protect iStick from normal wear and tear. It is more comfortable and more economical. All the corresponding button positions are marked correctly so one can adjust iStick easily without taking it out of the case. There are fourRead More


iStick 50W Silicone Case

ELeaf introduce four colors of silicon case for iStick 50W: black, white, hot pink and blue. They are soft and elastic to fit closely with the battery. One can use them to protect the device from external abrasion. Now, it’s time to dress your favorite device up!


iStick 50W Leather Case

The black leather case is designed for iStick 50W to reduce abrasion. It is soft and feels great when you hold it in your hand. The cortical texture make your device elegant and deluxe. Owing to the design of side necklace, one can also easily carry iStick 50W around likeRead More

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