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iCare Flask Battery

iCare Flask Battery Product Introduction: iCare Flask is specially designed with sleek body. It has a palm size but comes with an internal 520mAh battery which can last a long time of vaping. And its button free design makes it quite simple to use. Product Parameter: Size:12mm*42mm*71mm Weight: 56.0g BatteryRead More


iStick Rim

iStick Rim Product Introduction: iStick Rim is an awesome new member of iStick series family. Small size and colorful design make it stunning. Equipped with a sustainable 3000mAh battery, the iStick Rim can deliver a max power of 80watts for your whole day vape. Paired with TYPE-C port and supportedRead More


iStick Mix

iStick Mix Product Introduction: iStick Mix, “Art Mix Tech”, is a very personalized product. From the appearance, iStick Mix shows an artistic double-sided design- IML and Resin, which Eleaf has never used and is also one of the connotations of “mixed life”. At the same time, iStick Mix combines withRead More


iJust 21700

iJust 21700 Product Introduction: The iJust 21700 is the updated version of Eleaf iJust series, delivering a max power of 80 watts by single 21700 / 18650 battery. It is not just any tube-style mod though as it boasts a beautiful design in five vibrant finishes. The iJust 21700 implementsRead More


iStick Pico X

iStick Pico X Product Introduction: The iStick Pico X retains a small sized box mod while upgrading with a new intelligent coil protection function. Having an ergonomic design with a rubberized grip, the iStick Pico X gives you a comfortable and smooth feel when you hold it in your palm.Read More


Eleaf iStick NOWOS

iStick NOWOS Product Introduction: Introducing the new legend of vaping world. Eleaf iStick NOWOS is leading the way with the innovative LED digital display and touch buttons, where aesthetic looking meets easy operation. It houses a mighty 4400mAh battery and supports QC3.0 / PD3.0 protocol for faster charging than ever.Read More


iJust ECM Battery

iJust ECM Battery Product Introduction: The Eleaf iJust ECM comes in a fashionable looking and each color has its own unique pattern, making the iJust ECM stand out from other tube mods. Fitted up with an internal 3000mAh battery, the iJust ECM is long sustainable, while its multiple circuit protectionsRead More


iStick Amnis

iStick Amnis Product Introduction: The iStick Amnis is a sleekly designed and ultra small mod while having a high battery capacity of 900mAh. It features a rubber paint finish giving you a softer and smoother feel. The LED light on the iStick Amnis cycles through four colors to let youRead More


iWũ Battery

iWũ Battery Product Introduction: The iWũ battery is quite simple to use for its no buttons design. When you inhale, it automatically initiates. The iWũ battery is small in size but comes with an internal 700mAh battery which can last a long time of vaping. Enjoy vaping whenever and whereverRead More



Saurobox Product Introduction: The Saurobox is a new high performance mod by Eleaf, coupled with an aesthetically attractive design that covers its whole body with a special kind of resin material. Not only beautiful and luxurious, this kind of resin material also makes the Saurobox ultra light in weight andRead More

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