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iStick i75 with EN AIR

iSTICK i75 with EN AIR

iSTICK i75 with EN AIR



Top Airflow

Top Airflow

EN Coil

EN Coil



The Eleaf iStick i75 with EN Air Atomizer offers seamless compatibility with EN series coils, delivering an exceptional vaping experience. The tank comes in 2ml and 3.5ml capacities, featuring leak-free top filling and airflow design. With a powerful 75W output and a long-lasting 3000mAh battery, the iStick i75 ensures impressive, all-day performance. The device's aesthetic appeal is enhanced by a combination of leather and steel, providing a comfortable and stylish grip.

MTL EN Air Atomizer

The atomizer is designed for Mouth-to-Lung vaping, comes in 2ml and 3.5ml options,
available in black or silver for your choice.

EN Air atomizer 2ml Black
2ml Black
EN Air atomizer 2ml Silver
2ml Silver
EN Air atomizer 3.5ml black
3.5ml Black
EN Air atomizer 3.5ml Silver
3.5ml Silver

4 Colors to Choose

Eleaf iStick i75 with EN Air Black color
Eleaf iStick i75 with EN Air Red color
Eleaf iStick i75 with EN Air Blue color
Eleaf iStick i75 with EN Air Brown color

Top Airflow Design

Designed to minimize or eliminate the risk of leakage, Worry-free usage.

Precise Dual-Side
Airflow Control

Beneficial for users who want to customize their vaping experience by adjusting the airflow to suit their preferences.

Slide Top Filling

Easily slid open for top filling, simplifying the refilling process.

EN Coils
for Enhanced Flavor

Better flavor and longer life with the higher quality EN Coils, filling each puff with rich, tasty clouds.

● Superb Flavor
● Extended Lifespan
● Compact Size and Effortless Replacement
Indulge in enhanced flavor with our premium EN Coils, delivering better taste and extended lifespan. Experience superb flavor, compact size, and effortless replacement, ensuring each puff is filled with rich, tasty clouds.

VW/VV Modes
for Personalization

Eleaf iStick i75 offers an optional UI interface, VW and VV modes let you fine-tune for optimal flavor, vapor, and coil performance.
VW Mode
VV Mode

Bulit-in 3000mAh Battery

The iStick i75 Box Mod, featuring an impressive 3000mAh battery capacity, exemplifies unparalleled performance, ensuring an exceptional and superior vaping experience.
Power up your vaping experience with the iStick i75 Box Mod and its built-in 3000mAh battery. This impressive capacity exemplifies unparalleled performance, guaranteeing an exceptional and superior vaping experience.

Visual Delight and Tactile Satisfaction

Eleaf iStick i75 features a luxurious and enjoyable hand-feel with stylish leather exterior, making it comfortable to hold and carry. Its round profile fits perfectly in your hand, allowing for easy operation and portability.
Experience visual delight and tactile satisfaction with the Eleaf iStick i75. The luxurious leather exterior provides a stylish and comfortable hand-feel, ensuring a pleasurable experience. Its round profile fits perfectly, allowing for easy operation and portability.

Embrace the convenience of 2A Type-C Fast Charging

Enjoy 2A Type-C Fast Charging for quick, convenient vaping. Stay charged and ready with faster, efficient power-up on the go.
Embrace convenience with 2A Type-C Fast Charging on the go. Enjoy quick and efficient vaping with faster charging, ensuring you stay charged and ready for an uninterrupted experience.

Product Overview

Overview of Eleaf iStick i75 with EN Air
The Specification of iStick i75 kit
38x28x125mm (2ml)
38x28x125mm (3.5ml)
Battery Capacity
Tank Capacity
Output Mode
75W Max
Output Wattage
5V/2A (USB-C)
Charging Current

In the Box